Hit the Trail

CHW LogoAs I often do, I had a wonderful run early this morning on the Hank Aaron State Trail!  Extending 12 miles from Lakeshore State Park, just south of Discovery World, to 124th St (the portion west of 94th is unfortunately closed during the Zoo Interchange construction), the HAST provides a vital east-west link in the 117-mile Milwaukee County Oak Leaf Trail system.  While there are many wonderful trails in the Milwaukee area (as described by the Journal Sentinel’s talented outdoor writer Chelsey Lewis), the Hank Aaron is one of my favorites.  Love the combination of seeing the Menominee River, the historic Soldier’s Home, Miller Park, and the now re-industrialized Menominee Valley.  One of the joys of being out on the trail is seeing the vibrant mix of bicycle commuters from Tosa and the east side of Milwaukee (including at least a few Children’s Hospital providers and staff!), along with the predominantly Latino and Hmong families from the near south side neighborhoods through which the trail passes out recreating on the trail, all living out our value of health.

To support that value of health, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is a sponsor this year of the annual Friends of Hank Aaron State Trail 5k run, on Saturday, August 6th.  Proceeds from the run support not only trail maintenance and enhancements, but also programming such as the free Bike Adventure Camps for disadvantaged children from the adjacent communities.  It’s a great way for Children’s to partner with other community organizations to provide opportunities for kids in the area to become the healthiest in the nation.

As part of our sponsorship, we have a limited number of complimentary entries for the run.  If you are interested in joining, please contact Robin Pitts.

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