When Less Is More

This week’s post will be short, as I am living out our value of Health, specifically, “I am an active participant in my own health and lead a healthy lifestyle.”  In other words, I’m on vacation, and I mean really on vacation, as in no cell phone and no email.  (I wrote this last week.)  I’ve written previously about the work showing a link between rest and rejuvenation and increased quality, productivity, and satisfaction with work.  As anyone who has tried to schedule a meeting over the summer knows, many people do take vacation.  But are you really gone?  Try it out.

While you’re checking out, check out this item about how giving is the key to getting.  Specifically, organizational psychologist Adam Grant, at the Wharton School of Business, has written a book describing how framing work as altruism can lead to improved productivity and satisfaction as well.  In his view, there are 3 kinds of people: takers (those who always seek advantage), matchers (people who give in expectation of a return in kind), and givers (those who give – especially of their time and attention –  without expectation of immediate gain).  While most people are matchers, givers are overrepresented at both extremes of success – they can be taken advantage of, but they are also among the highest achieving leaders.

We speak of the gift of time.  Try giving it to yourself and to someone else.  It could be the gift that keeps on giving.

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