Starting with Curious

Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592), arguably the world’s first blogger, wrote of his monumental Essays, “I am myself the matter of my book.” A tad egotistical, perhaps, but also disingenuous. In reality, his writings were about everything under the sun. (If he had had the benefit of hyperlinks, we might not need Wikipedia or any other written works.)

My goals in starting this blog are both more modest and, I hope, less self-centered. Unlike some bloggers, I’m not particularly looking for an opportunity to talk about myself, or to vent or rant (not that a bit of that could creep in occasionally). I’m looking for another way to share information that I think is important for CSG and its members – information about the practice and our partners, and about the larger health care environment. Ideally, this will not only enlighten but stimulate thought and curiosity about what we are doing, where we are heading, and how we can all contribute. Curiosity, as we have learned in our work on Culture, is the starting point for constructive thinking, healthy interactions, and ultimately excellent results. And this is meant to be an interactive, multi-way conversation; please use the Comments feature liberally.

While you may see entries on a wide range of topics, I’ll try to concentrate on what I see as our “blue chips” – those things that are vitally important to our success, the things we need to maintain our focus on. Each of us has our own blue chips, but the blue chips for the practice are:

  •  iStrategy, especially Epic implementation, stabilization, and optimization
  • Leadership transition in the Department of Pediatrics and leadership development and succession planning across the practice
  • Adapting our business and care models to meet the rapidly evolving health care environment

-Marc Gorelick, MD,

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